Jimmy John’s, P&E Restaurant Group, Inc., Philip Sheffield, Owner

Jimmy John’s Restaurants, P & E Restaurant Group, Inc.

“It is a privilege and my pleasure to recommend Morris Adkins as a man of honesty and integrity. I have found him to be professional, knowledgeable, and sincerely interested in the projects he has completed for me. His team does a great job and pays a lot of attention to detail. On time and on budget are the words that come to my mind first, when I think of Morris and his company.

Morris has done three stores for us and I have recommended him to other franchisees and I will continue to do so. He consistently communicates much better than most contractors I’ve ever worked with. He always responds to my calls in a timely manner.

Morris has kept his word about being on time and on budget. That is extremely important to me. He is very proactive in his approach to bring solutions, solving issues quickly and efficiently, which results in better control of cost and in maintaining schedules.

I did not experience a lot of surprise add-ons to any of my stores and the quality of workmanship was top shelf. Everything was in line with estimates and his experience has resulted in consistently hitting the numbers.”

Philip Sheffield

6696 Cabello Dr., Jacksonville, FL  32226