Retro Fitness Centers – Rob Jennis, Owner

Retro Fitness Centers – Fleming Island


“Morris and his team were very timely with everything. He did a good job of getting everybody in, coordinating the various schedules and getting everything done. My project was completed on time and on budget.

He did an excellent job meeting our schedule and proved to be an experienced problem solver. When issues came up they were addressed quickly and efficiently. He always got back to me in a timely manner when I had questions, which made my job easier and relieved much of the stress in opening a business.

Morris communicates well and provides the necessary resources to complete the various stages of the job in a professional manner and with quality workmanship. He does what he says he will do to get the job done.

Integrity wise, I had absolutely no problems with Morris. He was always honest and kept his word. He was responsive to come back and followed up and he took care of all issues and discrepancies.

The best reference is that I have recommended Morris to others within my company. I recommended him to the CEO of Retro Fitness Centers. They got together and Morris is also completing a build out for him.”

Rob Jennis, Owner

1999 E. West Pkwy., Fleming Island, FL 32003