The Flame Broiler, West Comes East, Inc., Jackie Grzebin, Owner

The Flame Broiler USA Franchisee, West Comes East, Inc. 


“My experience with Morris Adkins is that he is always fair, and stands by his work. He was my initial contractor at my first restaurant. He took time to educate me concerning the entire build-out process. This helped me immensely.

In my first meeting with Morris, I could tell he was honest, and that I could trust him. This gave me an extremely high comfort level in working with him and his team. His office staff, superintendents, and sub-contractors consistently demonstrated a high level of integrity. They did what they said they were going to do.

He was honest and fair in all dealings especially as far as price goes, with no additional charges. He has subsequently completed three locations for us all with the same integrity. Morris has always been able to complete all build-outs at or below their estimated completion time and cost. Morris stands behind his work and addresses issues immediately as they arrive.

Morris was willing, able, and agreeable to meet with our architect and provide value-engineering prior to the work even beginning. Morris attended meetings with myself and the architect and provided great insight and expertise that significantly helped with build-out expectations.

Morris was always available and reliable. The superintendents were on the site 100% of the time and were very capable in making decisions and contacting Morris when necessary. The quality of workmanship and his team of professionals were great. Morris’s overseeing and supervision was very “hands on.”

Morris provided a great product at a fair price, that was within budget, on time, and he did it with integrity and honesty. This resulted in very little stress for me as an owner, during the entire build-out process. I believe the one thing that separates Morris from other contractors is that he is there to help out after the project is completed. Regardless if the work is in warranty or not, he is there to help.

I have recommended Morris and his team in the past and will do so in the future.”

Jackie Grzebin

4438 Crooked Creek Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32224